Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

On this website I help aspiring affiliates and internet marketers make solid decisions so they can get real results using proven techniques instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and do things the hard way.

One thing I preach in my content is getting compensated for the time you put into your business. After all, you need to pay the bills and make a living through affiliate marketing.

So here’s the deal with affiliate links.

Affiliate Links

Throughout this website I may recommend or link to products using affiliate or referral links. Essentially, if you buy through these links I may get paid a commission by the product creator as compensation for connecting you to them.

The size of that commission may vary. Sometimes it’s only a few dollars, whereas other times it can be substantially higher. If you sign up for any monthly or recurring services, I may get a portion of that monthly fee.

Ultimately, however, the referral doesn’t cost you a dime. Any commission being paid to me comes out of the vendor’s pocket, and not yours.

I never personally recommend a product just for a commission. Everything I tell you about on this website I genuinely believe could benefit you, or I use myself in my business. It would be disingenuous not to tell you about products that could legitimately help you, in my personal opinion.

Affiliate links can be found throughout the content of this website. Sometimes they will be marked as such, and other times they may not be labeled specifically as affiliate links. 

Just be aware any link you click on while on this website could potentially be an affiliate link.

As long as you are okay with that, we are all good!

Llama signing out.

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