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Many affiliates unfortunately do not have proper email marketing funnels in place. You can’t just expect to randomly email your list and get high quality results. In this article, I’m going to break down proven email marketing funnels that you can Implement as an affiliate to increase the effectiveness of your promotions.

One of the easiest email marketing funnels to implement as an affiliate is a content funnel. Essentially, visitors are driven to your website or blog as your content gets ranked in search engines. You can then include calls to action that point these users to a landing page to opt-in to your email list. Once they are on your list, they can go through a 7 day autoresponder series that warms them up to you. Once the email sequence finishes, you can send them an offer that is relevant to their needs and your niche.

You Must Be Strategic

You need to follow proven email marketing strategies to maximize the amount you are averaging per subscriber on your list. There is a proper sequence and order to how you should be approaching promotions. You can get more than one sale from the same subscribers by segmenting them and following up a certain way.

Affiliate Marketing Email Strategy

Warming Them Up

The first thing you should do when a subscriber joins your list is warm them up. The people on your list all start as cold leads. You need to provide value and build credibility with them before they will purchase products you recommend to them.

People buy from those who they know, like, and trust. Therefore, you must build likeability, authority, and trust with them. The easiest way to do this is through an autoresponder series, or sequence of emails.

In your autoresponder series the first email should be a welcome email. This tells them a bit about you and what to expect. You can link to your social media profiles and pages to grow your audience on those websites as well.

Warming Up Leads

After your welcome email, you will want to send them your best pieces of content you have published. This could be things like blog posts, YouTube videos, or other media. If you don’t have anything yet, you can write up some helpful advice or information that can benefit them that is directly related to your niche.

It varies on how long you will want to make your autoresponder series run for. In my niche, most people have a 7 day email sequence that new subscribers go through. You will want to opt-in to lists of big affiliates in your niche, and see how long theirs last for.

Making An Offer (Promotion)

After your leads have been warmed up, it’s time to promote to them. You will want to start off with a low cost offer that has high appeal. This should be something that most people in your niche would want.

People care about benefits, not features. Make sure to mention these, and address any point points the product solves for your subscribers. Tell them why you are recommending this product to them.

Affiliate Email Promotion

Once users have been through your promotion, they will end up in one of two groups.

Those Who Converted

These are people who bought what you recommended. You shouldn’t stop promoting to them here. It is proven that customers who buy have a high percentage of buying again. It is much easier to sell to a customer who has bought before than to acquire a new one.

Converted Leads

Upsell Them

You will want to send offers related to the one they ended up purchasing. This could be an addon, or a product that would go along nicely with it. If the product you are promoting has a funnel, consider trying to push them to buy an upgrade for it. 


Send Them Product Related Emails

Besides upselling them, you will want to send value emails centered around tips, techniques, or tutorials about the product they just bought. Most affiliates don’t do this, and you will stand out from the majority and make them feel better about their purchase as well. You can also send unannounced bonuses if they buy to reward them for doing so. This will make it more likely they will buy again next time you promote something to them.

Product Related Emails

Those Who Did Not Convert

These are subscribers that did not buy. Not all hope is lost! You can still continue to promote to them, and just because they didn’t buy now doesn’t mean they won’t do so later on. I know other affiliates who have had people opt in to their lists years ago and who just made a purchase.

Didn't Convert

Downsell Them

Even though they didn’t buy, it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in the product you are promoting. They may have an issue with the price or features, or maybe are still on the fence. Some products have downsells, or cheaper priced offers for it that you can send to your subscribers if they do not buy.

Sometimes there is a “lite” version of the product, with less features for a cheaper price. You can always send this as a recommendation to them. A percentage who didn’t buy will often pick up a downsell or lite version of a product. 


Make A New Offer

It is always possible they did not like the offer or were not interested in the product. This is to be expected, not everyone will buy of course. Making another offer is creating another chance to earn a commission from the same subscribers. 

Product Offer

How This Is Done

You may have noticed that the funnel I am mentioning requires you to follow up in different ways depending on what subscribers do. You can easily achieve this using segmentation. Most Email Service Providers (ESPs) have segmentation tools you can use. Aweber has an upgrade called AW Pro Tools that allows you to create segments.

Affiliate Marketing Email Segment

Rinse & Repeat

After your subscribers have been through your funnel, you will want to keep repeating the same process over again. It is important to mention that you want to send value emails between your promotions, and never just spam your list without adding value to them. That is a good way to get people frustrated, and sending only promos will result in a lot of unsubscribes.

Keep in mind the average subscriber is worth $1 per month. You will want to continue to market to them and warm them up for as long as possible. Once they go through all of your email sequences, you will want to switch to broadcasts and stay in touch with them. You do not want your leads to go cold or have them forget about you. 

Rinse & Repeat

The Funnel Visualized 

Here is a visual representation of the funnel I just explained.

Email Marketing Funnel Example


This is one of the email marketing funnels I personally use in my business that is proven to work. You need to properly segment and follow up with the people on your list to get the most out of your email marketing. Following up with subscribers based on their actions is a powerful strategy that can rapidly increase the commissions you are bringing in as an affiliate.


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