Affiliate Marketing Outsource Website Creation – The Easy Guide

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Many new affiliates are intimidated to build a website themselves. Between a lack of technical skills, and a steep learning curve, not everyone is fit to design websites themselves. Even with platforms like WordPress, that make website design easy without having to code or possess any design experience, not everyone has time to throw together a website and tinker with software. In this blog post, I am going to break down how to outsource website design for new affiliates.

As a new affiliate you can outsource website design on sites like Fiverr or off work. You can pay as little as $15 to get a professional WordPress website set up for you. WordPress is the best platform to choose for the base of your website as it is the most optimized for search engine ranking out of box. It is important to look through the past work or portfolio of the freelancer you are contemplating hiring. Once your website is designed, you will need to sign up for hosting and a domain. Finally, you can migrate your website over yourself or have your freelancer do this for you.

How Much You Can Expect To Pay

Many people get sucked in to the world of expensive website designers and end up paying thousands of dollars for a website. You absolutely don’t need to do this! An investment of $100 is more than enough for an effective website for affiliate marketing.

While websites like 99Designs can be great if you need a more advanced website, or have a large brand already, it is a far too expensive option for beginners just starting out. Avoid large website design agencies, as they will charge you an arm and a leg for the same quality designs you can get elsewhere.

Paying For Website Design

Finding A Freelancer

So where should you go to hire a competent website designer? Websites like Fiverr and Upwork are great for finding affordable web developers that charge reasonable rates. These websites have freelancers that have completed thousands of projects with satisfied clients. They also display portfolios you can view of their past work.


Filtering Candidates

You will want to filter designers to make sure you pick one that has good skills and experience. I typically recommend filtering by “best selling” or “popular” to see which designers have the most orders. Next to each listing it will display an average review score rating as well.

These websites also have different seller levels. The platform the designer sells their services on looks at their past work, customer satisfaction, and how responsive they are when communicating with their clients when determining who gets these special achievements. You will ideally want to pick a higher level provider as they typically deliver more high quality results with their projects.

Filtering Website Designers

Past Work & Portfolio

Make sure to look through their portfolios and take their previous work into account. If you don’t like how the majority of the websites they design look or function, you shouldn’t consider hiring a designer. See how closely their existing designs match your vision for your website and go from there. 

Freelancer Portfolio

What Type Of Website You Need

As an affiliate marketer you need a website that is easy to update and add content to yourself. Content is what gets you found and brings traffic into your website. Typically these are things like blog posts and pages.

Your site should be built on a platform that allows you to easily make edits and updates without having any coding or design experience. WordPress is by far the best option for new affiliates without any super advanced tech skills. 

WordPress is a Content Management System (or CMS), that allows anyone to modify or create a website through click and drag editors. With WordPress websites, you have a control panel you can log in to and make changes from right in your web browser.

WordPress Website

Selecting A Package

Back to hiring a freelance designer. As you scroll through listings, you will notice that many of them have different packages and options you can choose from at various price points. In this example, you can see this designer has three different packages to choose from. 

Freelance Website Design Packages

In this case you would only need the basic package for $35. Most likely, you aren’t going to need ecommerce functionality as an affiliate. Despite this, the seller will only create 2 pages for you with the starter package. I recommend having 6 pages, as I will get to in a moment. 

Freelance Website Design Packages Example

It is important to note that you can easily create your own pages within minutes from inside your WordPress dashboard. 

What You Need To Know About Themes

The look and feel of WordPress websites are determined by the theme your website uses. Themes are custom coded templates for WordPress, that change the colors, layout, and feel of sites. There are both free and paid themes, and all themes are not created equal.

While some are hellbent on only working with paid themes, I personally have used free themes for my websites and have had no issues. Some free themes will limit the functionality and customization available to you unless you upgrade to their paid versions.

WordPress Themes

Don’t Fall For “Free” Paid Themes

Some sellers will offer to install a premium or paid theme for free. There are even gigs or listings on websites like Fiverr where freelancers will install paid themes and plugins for less than the cost to buy them would be online. 99% of the time these are pirated or “cracked” versions of paid themes, and this is illegal. 

Often times cracked themes are patched, and you won’t be able to update your theme. This results in your website losing search engine ranking power as Google wants to rank updated websites towards the top of their search results. 

Warning Paid Themes


For an affiliate marketing website I recommend having the following pages. Home, About. Affiliate Disclosure, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Blog. Having a Contact page is optional but highly recommended. 

Home is self explanatory. This is the page people land on when they go to your website. The about page tells them a little bit about you and what your website is about. Having an affiliate disclosure page is extremely important, as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires all affiliates to disclose the fact that they earn commissions when consumers make purchases. 

Privacy policy and terms of service pages are required if you want to comply with GDPR regulations. These are a set of laws and guidelines for websites to follow if they are collecting information on consumers from European countries. Most likely you will want to build an email list at some point as an affiliate, or you will want to track user demographic information with Google Analytics. This is just good practice to have, and you will notice almost all websites ranking at the top of Google in your niche have these pages. 

Website Pages

Your blog page is where all of your posts will automatically get published to. You will absolutely want to have this as an affiliate, hands down. This very article you are reading right now is published on my blog page.

FInally, a contact page gives visitors a way to contact you. While you don’t necessarily need this for an affiliate website, it is still a good idea to have. I actually have one on this website, although it isn’t mentioned in the primary navigation menu at the top. 

Unfortunately, I get bombarded with spam and people trying to send me affiliate links through my contact form. This may partially be due to the niche I am in. Be aware you will most likely get some spam emails if you have a contact page. You do want to be reachable for your audience, however, and more people trust recommendations from an affiliate site that they can tell they can contact.

Plugins & Added Functionality

Plugins are addons for WordPress that allow you to extend the functionality of your website. Some sellers will offer to install plugins with their packages. You don’t need any plugins to have a successful affiliate site, although there are some I would recommend.

Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy for anyone to optimize their website and content to rank in search engines. Besides this, having a link cloaker for your affiliate links is handy.

You can always install these yourself once your website is designed. Installing plugins is easy and only takes a few minutes.

WordPress Plugins

Migrating Your Website

Once your website is designed, you will need to move it to your own web hosting. Hosting is a monthly expense you pay to have your website always up and running. Essentially you are paying for storage on a server. You will also need a domain name, which is the address of your website. I recommend Hostinger for their fast server speeds and excellent customer support. Note that this is not an affiliate link, I just use them myself and have had good experience with them.

Now that you have hosting, you can pay your designer to migrate your website. They will most likely need the login information for your web hosting control panel. This is the information you get via email after you sign up for a hosting package.

Website Migration


Outsourcing website creation can be helpful for new affiliates. I personally believe that you should learn how to set up WordPress yourself, however. It is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. There are a plethora of tutorial videos on YouTube that can teach you everything you need to know to get up and running with WordPress.


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