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Hello, I’m Gabriel Star. I’m an internet marketer, entrepreneur, life coach, and creator of the leisurely llama lifestyle.

It’s nice to meet you.

I created this website to share the things I have learned so far on my journey to help you out in your life. Once you know how to achieve your dreams you can begin to work smart – not hard to do so. That is the secret that has propelled me to where I want to go. (And it can for you too!)

My commitment to you is this: On this website I will be transparent, honest, and giving. I will share with you exactly how I have achieved the results I have in my business. I will show you exactly what I am doing to get the result. 

Many self proclaimed gurus actively are engaging in a “paradox of practice.” This means that they preach method Y, when in reality they are making money with method X. That frustrates me greatly. That’s why I created this website. Ready to live the leisurely llama lifestyle? Let’s begin.

Step 1 - Work smart, not hard.

Part of the secret to success is understanding that you only have a limited amount of time in the day. The whole point of creating an online business is so that you can live the lifestyle it provides. Many people unfortunately find themselves in the trap of their online business sucking away all of their time.

This is where a lot of people mess up. You need to work smart, not hard! You must work efficiently and utilize technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You can outsource various parts of your business to save you time. Remember: you can always make more money, but once time is gone it is lost forever.

Take a moment and think about all the areas that you are spending the most time in your business. Chances are there are activities you can outsource or you are allocating too much time to tasks that are not high leverage.

Best Time Saving Tips For Maximum Efficiency:

  1. Hire a virtual assistant. You can get virtual assistants for as low as $10-$20 a day. It is important to remember that you are only one person at the end of the day. You can only do so much. You need to prioritize what you need to focus on. The truth is being a “jack of all trades” can end up hurting your progress at the end of the day.
  2. Use reminders or a calendar. I personally use Google Calendar for all of my business tasks and quite frankly I would be lost without it. It helps me out immensely with organizing my schedule and my day. I actually color-coordinate my calendar so I can tell at a glance what is done and what needs to still be worked on.
  3. Allocate a set amount of time to work on your business. During that time, turn off your phone and let friends/family know you will be unreachable. Sit down and map out exactly what you are going to get done during this time. Get someone to hold you accountable and follow up with you after the work session. Make sure they ask if you worked on the tasks you initially mapped out. Immersing yourself fully like this can be a great trick you can use to boost your efficiency. 

Step 2 - Use a proven system.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel! This is a huge mistake I see a lot of beginners make. They think they can BS their way through email marketing or driving traffic and then sit there frustrated, wondering why they haven’t had the results they had initially wished for.

Other people have already gone through the hard work of having to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Leverage that and use a system that is proven to work for multiple people.

The fact is there is an easier way to break into internet marketing where you don’t need any starting cash to invest. Yes, you can start for free. So many people don’t realize this and try to invest thousands in shiny objects or systems that don’t work.

Why not get started for free with a risk-free system I am still using to generate affiliate commissions in my business?

I have spent years researching internet marketing to figure out what actually works and what is the easiest way for beginners to get started. Download the Internet Marketing Blueprint to get immediate access to the exact system I used to get started making money online.

Step 3 - Get a mentor.

Let’s face it: most successful internet entrepreneurs started by having a mentor. A mentor is someone you look up to, whose advice you know you can trust. This is someone who has already achieved some level of result online. You need to model this person and absorb every trait you can of their success.

This is one of the commonalities I found when I was interviewing successful affiliates and internet marketers. Almost every single one of them had a mentor. Coincidence…? I don’t think so!

Your mentor should be a good role model for you in your life. They should have positive personality traits and characteristics that you should do the best to bring about in yourself.

Their advice and knowledge should resonate with you, and you should see yourself as being happy if you could live life in their shoes. That is how you know you have chosen the right mentor.

Luckily for you – I am up for being your mentor!

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Step 4 - Invest in yourself.

One of the other common similarities between all of the successful internet marketers is they all invested in proper education to take them to the next level.

If you aren’t where you want to be most likely it is due to a gap of knowledge. Without the proper “how to” knowledge, you can’t really get anywhere. Again: don’t reinvent the wheel!

Sometimes you have to invest in yourself in order to become successful. Utilize proven systems and improve your skills to enable you to succeed.

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